MyShubhLife Strengthens its Corporate Wellness Programme ‘Shubh Saathi’

MyShubhLife Strengthens its Corporate Wellness Programme ‘Shubh Saathi’

Employee Financial wellness program

Bangalore, 31 st May 2022: MyShubhLife, India’s next-gen digital lending and savings platform
strengthens its financial support ecosystem by adding new services to its Corporate Wellness
Programme ‘Shubh Saathi’ for employees of its partner firms, those falling into the income bracket of
Rs. 1.5 lacs to Rs. 4 lacs per annum. Under their program, MyShubhLife has extended the
already existing services to the likes of insurance, loans, facilitating preparation of a credit
score, mutual fund SIPs, e-gold, e-tax filing and bill payments.

MyShubhLife with its flagship gold membership program ‘Shubh Saathi’ has not only eliminated
process friction but also credit friction, which is one of the many grounding problems existing in
financial service institutions. This was made possible with the help of the android app that provides all
facilities including interaction through six different languages such as Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi,
Marathi and English. The recent addition of Integrated Bill Payment is an ode to the further
development of existing financial services for the next half billion.

Founder & CEO, Monish Anand, added, “Our goal, to create financial wellness for the next half
billion aligns with that of human resource managers and business leaders – to create wellness
programs for their blue / grey collared employees. Shubh Saathi, is a curated Employee Wellness
Program for employees of our partner companies with an easy way to implement using simple tech
integration. We offer 100% product customization based on feedback from HR managers and
listening to our customers from over 600+ partner companies”

“Our customers require credit for expenses arising from various non-discretionary reasons. As people
living in a world of means; we all have the same needs. The people with access to formal credit are in
search of convenience whereas our customers are in search of formal credit. As no product is ‘one
size fits all’; Shubh Saathi offers Small ticket loans (Chota Loan), Big ticket Personal Loans, Earned
Wage Access, sachet size insurance, affordable investment options of SIPs and E Gold (from as low
as Rs.100), easy bill payments, E filing taxes, etc. specially designed to address the growing need for
access to affordable financial products. Showing no digital divide, MyShubhLife follows the
philosophy of Touch & Tech. Today, getting access to good schools, timely medical care, ability to
pay rent, etc has become more and more possible for the workforce due to Shubh Saathi.” he further

MyShubhLife’s partners can build an effective financial wellness programme digitally, using a good
mix of products and help create a sense of financial freedom in their employees to help live up to their
full potential.

MyShubhLife (earlier known as Shubh Loans) is a Digital Financial Services Platform built by a
strong team of seasoned bankers, technologists and data science experts, who believe everyone
deserves a chance to attain financial freedom. Very recently, MyShubhLife raised Series B funding of
Rs. 100cr from Gojo partners.

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